Game Sponsors

The Dauphin Kings Tractor Lotto is supported by local businesses who are making bonus tickets available at Kings home games prior to the draw. Purchase a Lotto ticket at any Kings home game and get a chance to win an additional ticket.

  • Nov. 26 Kings vs OCN Blizzard  - Sammy’s Farm Supply
  • Nov. 29 Kings vs Winkler Flyers - Petro Canada
  • Dec. 3 Kings vs Selkirk Steelers - Reit-Syd Equipment
  • Dec. 6 Kings vs Winnipeg Blues - Intermountain Ag

Bonus Home Game Ticket Sponsors are:

  • Oct 29 - Dean Cooley Motors
  • Nov 5 - Twin Motors
  • Nov 8 - MazerGroup
  • Nov 9 - Rocky Mountain Equipment
This raffle is only open to residents of Manitoba or those currently within the province of Manitoba.
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