DAUPHIN KINGS Tractor Lottery

$100,000.00 WINNERS -Laurie & Dwayne Hutsal

Rae Csversko, chairman for the Dauphin Kings Tractor Lotto presented Laurie & Dwayne of Dauphin, MB with the $100,000.00 Grand Prize for the 2018 Tractor Lotto.

$1,000.00 WINNERS

1. Brett Hopfner of Ste. Rose
2. Leslie Muir of Pilot Mound
3. Cam & Marlene Hunter of Kenton
4. Dugal McCormick of Sandy Lake
5. Sherry Morran of Grandview

6. Wayne Church of Dauphin
7. Nick Bodnar of Ste. Rose
8. Henry Balanyk of Dauphin
9. Craig Cochrane of Fork River
10. Richard Ebbers of Ashern

$2,500.00 WINNERS

11. Bernard & Shirley Hyra of Grandview
12. Robin Poole of McCauley

$5,000.00 WINNERS

13. Cary Fillion of Gilbert Plains
14. Lynne Tolton of Newdale

$10,000.00 WINNERS

Terry Bloomer of Dauphin

50/50 WINNER

Rae Csversko (Kings Tractor Lotto Chairman) and Gary Sydor (Committee member) presented Craig & Karen VanBargen of Gilbert Plains with the $38,995.00 cheque from the 2018 50/50 Draw.

Lawn Tractor Winner

16. Dave Malowski of Gilbert Plains

Supplementary Draw Winners
Lawn Tractors

1. Mary Nakonechny of Sifton
2. Wes Gulas of Dauphin
3. Jack Scharf of La Riviere 

This raffle is only open to residents of Manitoba or those currently within the province of Manitoba.
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